Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello Again!

Wow. It's been nearly a year since I last posted. Sorry about the lapse. A lot of things have been keeping me busy, and frankly I got hit with writer's block while I was trying to post an entry about my trip to the Reno Air Races last year. There was so much to write about and I just couldn't get in the groove. So in order to get back on track I'm going to compress the past several months of aviating into one post, and from there I will try to keep posting regularly. So, what's happened in the past 10 months? Here's the synopisis:

  1. As I mentioned, I flew down to Reno last September for the annual air races. It was a fantastic trip, and not just because there were lots of low-flying, fast airplanes. I reconnected with my best friend from my Army days and we flew down together. He's also a pilot and we had a blast. I've posted a bunch of pictures from the event.

    Total flight time: 10.7 hrs.
    From Reno Air Races - Sept. 2008

  2. 11/23/08 - Practice flight. Did some stalls, steep turns, etc. 1.6 hrs.
  3. 1/18/09 - Took my friend Tony for a flight around Mt. St. Helens. 1.7 hrs.
  4. 2/1/09 - Flew up to Bandera State airport in the Cascade Mountains. Made a low pass but didn't land. 1.8 hrs.
  5. 4/18/09 - Took my daughter lauren for a ride. She even got to fly the airplane and she loved it. 1.1 hrs.
  6. 4/24/09 - Flew with some friends from work for lunch in Friday harbor. 2.4 hrs.
  7. 5/2/09 - Practice flight. 1.0 hrs.
  8. 5/3/09 - Dual instruction to get my high performance endorsement. 1.2 hrs.
  9. 5/16/09 - More dual. 1.1 hrs.
  10. 7/15/09 - More dual - 0.9 hrs.
  11. 7/20/09 - Final high performance lesson. Signed-off to fly planes with 200 h.p. or more! 1.1 hrs.
  12. 7/22/09 - Practice flight. Back in the 172 to practice stalls, and ground reference maneuvers. 0.9 hrs.
So I logged a total of 25.5 hours since September, which is quite a bit short of my goal of 10 hours per month. I'll need to pick up the pace! This Friday I'm going on an early morning flight to land at a few airports out on the Olympic Penninsula that I haven't landed at before.

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